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It Only Counts in the Playoffs

Posted by: Kevin
The regular season as been amazing. The Phillies have a harder time losing these days which for any Phillies fan is a thought to cherish and hold on to. But realistically, the regular season doesn't mean anything. The Phillies could finish with the best record... they could win the rest of their games and end up with 114 wins, but if they stumble in the playoffs, watch out. In the eyes of many, the season would be a failure

Why is the regular season maximum bonus so meaningless? In my opinion, it is the mark of consistency. Which team can manage their injuries better? How about the decisions that need to be made with pitching rotations and bullpen roles? The regular season concept seems to revolve around determining who your best players are and which one's are liklier to deliver in the playoffs.

The Division Series is only 5 games and those 5 games scare me the most about the playoffs. A team slogs through 162 games only to have their season potentially determined by 5 games. The best example is 2007 when the Phillies won their first division title. It was such an amazing moment to soak in what the Phillies had just accomplished. 5 Days later, the Rockies swept them in 3 games and it was over just like that. All it takes is a 3 or 4 game slump to end things prematurely. All that regular season success goes to waste. But if you think about it, that's how baseball is. There's so many games played that any moment good or bad is minimized to one day. The next day, it's time to move on.

Despite the risk of losing it all in less than a week, the Phillies have a great chance to conquer whomever they face in the playoffs. It all starts and ends with their starting rotation. The Phillies rarely go on 3 game losing streaks and have won most of their regular season series. It's not far-fetched to think that they'll do the same when it counts.

9/8/2011 12:29:39 AM
Hurricane Irene Washout Means No Rest for the Phillies

Posted by: Kevin

MLB took every measure to plan ahead. With Hurricane Irene expected to land in Philadelphia early Sunday morning, the Phillies game originally scheduled for today was moved to Saturday as part of a double-header. As it turns out, the Phillies played neither on Saturday as the top half of the storm had already entered Philadelphia at 1:00 PM ET. The games have been rescheduled to September 15th, the Phillies lone off day.

No one said winning a division title would be easy. To do so, the Phillies must fend off a Braves that doesn't seem to lose anymore and do it by playing their remaining 33 games in 31 days (The Phils also have a day-night double-header against Washington on September 20). This means we are likely to see a 6-man rotation at some point this season with Kendrick being the likely 6th man. The pitching isn't really the concern here, it's the wear and tear I'm worried about.

The Phillies aren't exactly a young team and the injuries have been piling up lately. Howard, Rollins, Ibanez and Hamels have all missed games recently due to minor ailments. But what makes a team good? It's the players that step up while the starters are down. Vance Worley's been doing it all season in relief of Joe Blanton and recently John Mayberry Jr. has stepped up nicely in place of Raul. Mayberry is doing so well, he might end up snatching the starting left fielder job with his impressive month, much like Victorino and Jayson Werth have done in the past.

The Phillies seem to always have that player on the bench who delivers. That kind of contribution has me firmly believing that the Phillies have already wrapped up the division title. Atlanta may have shaved off 2 or 3 games since my last post, but as long as they continue to win each series during this tough stretch, there should be nothing to worry about.

8/28/2011 1:34:42 PM
Division Title Now Just a Formality

Posted by: Kevin

At the risk of sounding like a proud arrogant Phillies fan, I can say for certain that race is over in the NL East. The Phillies have wrapped up their 5th consecutive Division Title in just 110+ games. It's time to face the facts. This year's Phillies team can't lose even if they tried. Not when you have Halladay, Lee and Hamels all throwing like the aces they were predicted to be in spring training and rookie Vance Worley doing his best to join the crowd.

While all this regular season success may not turn into a World Series Title, it's definitely been one of the best seasons so far for Phillies fans. When we turn on the television every night or hook up our earbuds to the radio or have the privilege to experience a Phillies game live, we expect them to win. And all the while, we still enjoy it just as much as the first winning season.

The Phillies already have 70 wins. Remember those days when we only had 70 of those for the entire season? The younger fans will never know, but those of us that are old enough to remember the 1993 World Series will always cringe at the 14 seasons of baseball after that appearance, and what a waste of time it was to hope for better days.

We went through our share of star players: Abreu, Thome, Schilling, Lieberthal, and Myers. None of those players, except for Schilling can measure up to what the Phils have now.

Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt, Howard, Utley, Rollins, and Victorino... those names certainly have a different ring to them.

8/8/2011 9:30:08 PM
Offense Comes Alive!

Posted by: Kevin

For the first 6 innings, the Phillies offense looked terrible. Only Wilson Valdez and Ryan Howard managed to get hits off ex-Phillie Brett Myers. Houston had just scored 3 runs in the top of the 7th and the Phillies looked dead in water. But they had an answer and they used that momentum to pull off a great opening day victory, one that should set the tone for the rest of the season.

Down 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth, the Phillies strung together 6 singles in the frame, the final one with the bases loaded from youngster John Mayberry Jr. Ben Francisco also came up with a key hit in the ninth. Both are considered replacements that are filling the void left by Jayson Werth.

It's only the first game of the season, the first of 162, so let's not get too excited. Roy Halladay did pitch well despite not having his best stuff, and the offense did show some explosiveness today. And here's a thought, our ace went today and now we get to look forward to Cliff Lee making his home debut. I'm looking forward to the next 161 games.

4/1/2011 4:51:58 PM
Banged up as Opening Day Approaches

Posted by: Kevin

Every team goes through its bumps and bruises during the season, but the Phillies will be without some key players to start the season. Brad Lidge, Chase Utley and Dominic Brown are all expected to miss April with various ailments.

We know about the Phillies pitching, but its the offense that has everyone concerned. Despite scoring the second most runs in the National League last year, 17 of their losses were by 1 run or less. Subtract Jayson Werth and Utley and you have a team that lacks power. Jimmy Rollins is coming off one of his worst seasons, so he needs to step it up this year.

The Phillies open the season at home against Houston, aka Phillies-lite. Pitching matchups are below:

4/1: Halladay vs. Myers
4/2: Lee vs. Rodriguez
4/3: Oswalt vs. Happ

3/30/2011 9:31:51 PM
Phillies Need Resolution to Utley's Knee

Posted by: Kevin

The season hasn't even started yet and it already looks like the Phillies are going to be without one of their top hitters for most of the season. Chase Utley's knee is stubbornly resisting to any treatment which means he'll have to consider more long term options to his patellar tendinitis injury. There's no question Utley could handle the pain, but Utley with a knee problem won't produce like he has in the latter half of the past decade.

As much as it hurts to admit it, surgery is likely the best option and I've been hearing that it takes up to a year to recover. The Phillies better work on a backup plan to produce some runs this season because with Domonic Brown shelved for 4-6 weeks, April could be a rough month even if we do have 4 really good pitchers.

3/9/2011 4:59:35 PM
Exhibition Baseball on the Horizon

Posted by: Kevin

It may be Valentine's Day, but for baseball fans, this day is known more for the start of Spring Training. It's basically World Series or bust for the next 2 season. We are in the tail end of the "window of opportunity" for this group of Phillies, but no matter the result, always remember to enjoy the group that the Phillies front office has put together. Barring injuring, it should be a fun regular season!

2/14/2011 1:03:22 PM
Aumont, Brown Struggling to Meet Expectations

Posted by: Kevin

Phillippe Aumont and Domonic Brown have both been labeled as hot prospects in the Phillies farm system, but so far both don't seem to be living up to expectations.

Aumont burst into the media's attention when he was labeled as the centerpiece of the Cliff Lee deal to Seattle. In some fan's minds, he essentially replace Kyle Drabek as the next future starter in the Phillies rotation. Initially a reliever in Seattle, the Phillies converted Aumont to a starter last year in Double A Reading. The results were about as good as the Eagles attempt to play defense in the first half last weekend. Now, the Phillies have asked Aumont to go back to relieving in Single A essentially wiping the slate clean. Aumont will have to find himself again and build off any success he finds in A ball.

Brown on the other hand, enjoyed some success in the majors last year, primarily as a 4th outfielder and pinch hitter. So far, his winter ball stats haven't been encouraging and it's opened up discussions about having Ben Francisco start in right field instead of Brown. While Francisco offers less power, he is a right handed bat in a lefty-dominated lineup. At this point in time, I do expect Francisco to start the year in right field and it will be Brown's responsibility to work his way back into at least a platoon situation. We'll see how he performs in spring training and if he hcan handle the fan's expectations.

1/13/2011 4:32:48 PM
Dallas Green Still Feeling the Sting of Arizona Shooting

Posted by: Kevin

Saturday morning, former Phillies manager Dallas Green, like the rest of us, were going about their daily routines. Some woke up hung over, others were relaxing after a hard week of work. Then at around 10 am PST, word started circulating about an assassination attempt on Arizona Representative, Gabrielle Giffords. As it turns out, the man responisble didn't even get the job done, but instead, managed to kill 6 other bystanders including a federal judge and Christina Taylor Green, grand daugther of Dallas Green.

Green, a tough guy throughout his career known for a gruff and direct manner, told the Daily News he had seen the news of the shootings on TV and "didn't make any connection" that his grandaughter might have been in the area.

Green, 76, said his wife had then phoned their son and returned to the room in tears.

"They shot our beautiful Christina," she said, according to Green.

As random as these tragedies occur, it always strikes me that these events end up having a sports connection. It's these connections that makes the tragedy seem more personal, that we are not invulnerable to losing family or friends in the blink of an eye.

1/10/2011 3:03:22 PM
Into the New Year!

Posted by: Kevin

Phillies fans have a lot to look forward to in 2011. In fact, for most of us April can't come soon enough. It's been a while since any team has been able to boast 4 legitimate aces in the same rotation... and no, I'm not counting that time the 2004 Phillies claimed they had 5 aces: Millwood, Wolf, Padilla, Milton, and Myers.

Barring injury, the Phillies should have no starting pitching problems and it alone can carry the Phillies to the top of the NL East. But as we saw in 2010, it's not enough to win a World Series without an offense that doesn't produce. Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez and Jimmy Rollins all had down years from what I perceive as lingering ailments. And asking Domonic Brown to produce like Jayson Werth did last year is simply unrealistic. If Utley and Rollins can return to form, the Phils have a great shot to return to the World Series.

Season tickets are sold out, Citizens Bank Park should be rocking and the Phillies pitchers will be dealing. Let's get this season started already.

12/31/2010 12:44:30 AM
Cliff Lee Back With the Phillies!

Posted by: Kevin

Unbelievable. Ruben Amaro f#!@ing pulled it off! Cliff Lee is returning to the Phillies! reports that the deal is 5-years $120 million. He left over $50 million in on the table to play for a team he genuinely liked. Halladay and Lee in the same rotation... a dream come true. Throw in Oswalt and Hamels and you get one of the most formidable rotations ever in recent memory. Wonder who everyone will be betting on at https// this year? However, the signing comes at a small price. The Phillies are pretty much forced to deal Joe Blanton or Kyle Kendrick.

Now about the offense... and the fact that everyone in the rotation is now over 30... we'll save those issues for later.

12/13/2010 11:25:08 PM
Rumor: Phillies Enter into the Cliff Lee Discussion

Posted by: Kevin

After losing out on Jayson Werth and so far coming up empty with a viable replacement, several news sources are reporting that the Phillies have shifted tactics. Originally it seemed the Phillies weren't seriously interested in signing Cliff Lee due to not being able to offer length of contract and money big enough to complete with the Yankees and Rangers.

Suddenly, it looks like the Phillies are now in the running to sign Cliff Lee to a shorter deal (probably around 5 years). Since the Phillies have a huge payroll, they can't offer as much money either. The only thing the Phils have in their favor is that Lee really enjoyed his time in the 2nd half of 2009. Will that be enough to lure Lee away from the other big contract offers? Realistically, no way. Lee will probably take Texas's offer of 6 years estimated at $135 million. But then again, almost none of my predictions ever come true.

12/13/2010 10:46:12 PM
Werth Signs Monster Deal with the Nationals

Posted by: Kevin

Agent Scott Boras can add another ridiculous contract to his belt netting Jayson Werth a new 7-year contract worth $126 million. The Phillies expressed their desire at the beginning of the offseason to re-sign Werth, but with the numbers that came out today, they never stood a chance. Philadelphia's front office philosophy includes avoiding contracts that are more than 4 years, with Ryan Howard's contract being the exception. Pitchers are usually signed to 2 or 3 year deals as was the case with Roy Halladay and Joe Blanton.

Werth will certainly help a promising Nationals team that recently lost slugger Adam Dunn and features last year's rookie sensation, Stephen Strasburg. But the Phillies can't blame themselves for letting the right fielder go and will likely have to turn to rookie outfielder Dominic Brown to fill Werth's shoes.

12/5/2010 10:19:44 PM
Phillies Lost to the World Champions

Posted by: Kevin

So there WAS a reason the Phillies lost the NLCS. The Giants are the best team ever, at least they played like it. Maybe the Phillies weaknesses aren't so bad after all... they just gotta play better next time. And yes, it looks like there will definitely be a next time.

Congratulations San Francisco Giants. Better get ready to defend your crown next year!

11/1/2010 9:52:32 PM
Giants Shined a Spotlight on Phillies Weaknesses

Posted by: Kevin

On paper, the Giants looked like huge underdogs coming into the NLCS. I'm sure if you had the opportunity to analyze another series like this again, you would still pick the Phillies to win. They had better the better pitching, better offense and all that previous World Series experience. But in the end, all that counted for nothing. Maybe the Giants did us a favor because now the front office can work to plug in the holes in our core.

The biggest issue that needs addressing is middle relief pitching. A big example of this weakness came in Game 4 when the Phillies lost in extra innings. There was the Durbin inning and then the lack of confidence in Kendrick in Romero at the end of the game. We should not have resorted to using Oswalt in that game. Jose Contreras and Durbin are both free agents and those two where considered reliable. So that only leave two good arms in the bullpen.

The next couple issues may be chronic weaknesses that can't be fixed. Normally a team has left handed power hitter. The Phillies had two in a row and 3 out of 4 in the middle of the lineup. That gave guys like Jeremy Affeldt and Javier Lopez what felt like automatic outs late in the game. Losing Werth doesn't help.

Finally, the injuries finally caught up to the team. The Phillies never had what I call their A-lineup (which was on display in Game 6) playing together for an extended period of time. Jimmy Rollins is an ordinary player without his speed. Chase Utley looked like Brooks Conrad out there without his usual defense and Raul Ibanez looked old. For those saying we can't suffer injuries like this next season don't realize that these injuries are a function of age. Almost everyone that makes up the Phillies core is over 30 years old. We're like the San Antonio Spurs from 2 years ago.

I'm not saying these problems can't be fixed. The offense struggled only because practically every Phillie had a down year. A healthy offseason combined with a renewed drive to claim back the NL pennant are the X-factors that can help get the Phillies playing good baseball again.

10/25/2010 8:08:20 PM
Phillies Contract Statuses

Posted by: Kevin

How fast is the window closing for the current Phillies core? We know H2O and Blanton are staying together until at least the end of next season which means the starting rotation will be largely unchanged. In the bullpen, Madson and Durbin are eligible for free agency after next season and Lidge after the 2012 season. Over on the offensive side, Chase Utley's current contract expires in 2013, Victorino in 2012 and of course Werth's this year. I have the complete details below indicating the last year of each player's contract, excluding the actual salary (who cares about money anyway).

Roy Halladay 2013 with club option for 2014
Roy Oswalt 2011 with club option for 2012
Cole Hamels 2011 arbitration eligible in 2012
Kyle Kendrick arbitration eligible in 2010, 2011,2012
Joe Blanton 2012
Jamie Moyer 2010
Ryan Madson 2011
Brad Lidge 2012
J.C. Romero 2010 with club option for 2011
Chad Durbin Arbitration eligible in 2010
Jose Contreras 2010
Ryan Howard 2016 with club option for 2017
Chase Utley 2013
Carlos Ruiz 2012 with club option for 2013
Jimmy Rollins 2010 with club option for 2011
Placido Polanco 2012 with mutual option in 2013
Shane Victorino 2012
Raul Ibanez 2011
Jayson Werth 2010
Joe Blanton 2012

There you have it, it looks like the Phillies will stay competitive until 2012, but the pieces will start to come apart after that. Ruben Amaro Jr. will most likely make some tweaks to the roster this offseason... like fixing the bullpen and maybe re-signing some players. As it stands now, don't take the recent renaissance of Phillies baseball for granted, it could be over before you know it.

10/24/2010 5:36:11 PM
2010 - The Year That Wasn't

Posted by: Kevin

As a Phillies fan living in the San Francisco Bay Area, words cannot express my disappointment at how the NLCS went for the Phillies. A bunch of little things in each of our losses contributed to the greater whole, a 4-2 series loss to the San Francisco Giants that has my brain stuck on the word failure.

Maybe the expectations were too high. The bullpen problems in game 3 exposed the fact that we only have 3 good arms in there. Chase Utley's defensive problems in the series has me wondering what's going on with him. It wasn't just Utley either, all the infielders had a least one bobble that cost the team runs. My biggest concern going into next year is Jayson Werth and the void he brings to the Phillies lineup when he leaves this winter. Jayson Werth hit two of the Phillies three home runs in the NLCS. We're gonna miss that production next year. The other problem is his presumed replacement, Dominic Brown, is a left handed hitter. All of a sudden 4 out of the middle 5 hitters in the lineup are going to be left-handed hitters.

Anyway... those are some things to think about going into the offseason. For now, I'm content to watch the Ranger-Giants for the next week. Giants need to bring the same mindset that they brought to Philly, because Bengie Molina knows a thing are two about half the hitters in the lineup as well as knowledge of all the Giants starters. And Texas has that one pitcher, the one that got away.

10/24/2010 02:50:39 AM
So Far So Good...

Posted by: Kevin

The Phillies may have stumbled this past week, but their record is still one of the best in the National League. Why? The Phillies have established their offense early in the season scoring 91 runs in 15 games with a +35 run differential. Most importantly, the Phillies aren't doing it with the long ball. Last year's team scored was too reliant on the home run and it led to offensive droughts. This year, once the players find their home run stroke, the Phillies offense could be tough to stop.

Many have echoed this sentiment, but it is a joy to watch Roy Halladay pitch. With the Phillies needing a win last Wednesday, Halladay stepped up and tossed a shutout. He subsequently defined himself as a stopper and a true ace. If this continues, he couldn't spoil us even more than that other guy last year. I can see this becoming a problem throughout the season... me constantly comparing Halladay to Cliff Lee. If only be had both! Okay, I'll stop now.

One troubling trend so far this season is the injuries. Last year, the Phillies were remarkably healthy. But already this year Jimmy Rollins and JA Happ are on the DL and Polanco, Blanton, Lidge and Romero are working themselves back from minor injuries. Only time will tell here.

Coming up, the Phillies continue their road trip to the West Coast, first squaring off with a young Arizona team. Then it's off to San Francisco to face a tough young ballclub led by Tim Lincecum and Pablo Sandoval. The second half of the trip presents a tough challenge. If you recall last year, the Phillies never could get their offense going against the Giants as they were dominated by Giants pitching. The Phillies will have Halladay going on Monday, but the Giants counter with Lincecum on Wednesday. Look at Lincecum's number this season and you'll know why I'm concerned.

4/23/2010 4:24:12 PM
ESPN Headline: Man accused of vomiting on girl at game

Posted by: Kevin

I know Kyle Kendrick's performance yesterday was vomit-worthy, but I could not believe the headline on ESPN this morning. Here's an account of what happened:

Twenty-one-year-old Matthew Clemmens, of Cherry Hill, N.J., was arraigned Friday on charges stemming from his behavior at Wednesday night's Phillies-Nationals game.

Police say Clemmens made himself vomit on an off-duty police captain and his daughter after a companion was kicked out of Citizens Bank Park for unruly behavior, which included cursing, spitting and spilling beer by Clemmens and a friend.

According to an account in the Philadelphia Daily News, Clemmens and his friend were asked by the 15-year-old daughter of Easton police Capt. Michael Vangelo to stop cursing and spitting. A short while later, Vangelo said, it started again.

He then "leaned forward and started vomiting on us," Vangelo said, according to the Daily News.

I admit, I had to stifle a few laughs when I read that. But the giggles aside, I really wonder how a man can act that way in at a game that is designed to be family friendly. It's guys like this that are destroying the ballpark viewing experience. I feel bad that Vangelo's kids were subject to a couple of guys that were obviously a bunches of asses.

4/16/2010 1:41:36 PM
Cliff Lee Update

Posted by: Kevin

Just checking on the "other guy" in the Roy Halladay trade and so far it looks like the Phillies may have dodged a bullet. Seattle placed Cliff Lee on the 15-Day Disabled List today with a nagging abdominal strain. Despite that setback, the injury doesn't seem serious and Lee won't miss significant time. The only reason for me bringing up Cliff Lee shows my continued unsuccessful attempts at getting over what this season could have been watching Halladay and Lee together in the same pitching staff.

4/4/2010 1:34:14 PM
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9/23: @New York (N)7:10pm
9/24: @New York (N)1:10pm
9/25: @New York (N)1:10pm
9/26: @Atlanta7:10pm
9/27: @Atlanta7:10pm
9/28: @Atlanta7:10pm

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